Jane Daly — Principal

James F. O'Leary — Principal

Ms. Daly and Mr. O’Leary both have a long history of strong leadership with a hands-on approach, which has developed ACI into a leading transportation operations and maintenance company.

Between 1981 and 1989, Ms. Daly served as Deputy General Manager and Special Assistant to the General Manager and Mr. O’Leary served as General Manager of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) where they were responsible for daily management of the MBTA and coordination of 13 line departments and 8,000 employees; overseeing rapid transit, light rail, bus, and commuter rail operations for 650,000 daily passengers; an annual operating budget of over $600 million; and a $200 million capital budget. Throughout their tenure at the MBTA, the agency controlled and lowered costs through rigorous adherence to budgetary objectives.

Together, they worked with two Massachusetts Governors while implementing an aggressive modernization program of America’s oldest subway system that resulted in the procurement of nearly $500 million in rolling stock; extensive modernization and expansion of facilities; significant increase in service capacity; enhanced passenger security; and improved accessibility for passengers with disabilities. Furthermore, they also executed the first cross-border, double-lease private financing of transit equipment in the United States, amounting to significant savings for the MBTA, and also approached and negotiated with international insurance companies to generate expanded insurance coverage at substantially lower premiums for the MBTA.

Before joining the MBTA, Ms. Daly served as a Transportation Planner and Special Assistant to the Massachusetts Secretary of Transportation and Construction. In these roles, Ms. Daly participated in state, federal and local coordination of major mass transit and public works development projects for intermodal stations and analyzed and developed state response to federal legislative initiatives including aviation, mass transit and highway issues, as well as railroad and trucking deregulations. She also was staff liaison to the National Governors’ Association’s Committee on Transportation Science and Technology, to the Congressional delegation and to other interest groups such as the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and the Coalition of Northeast Governors (CONEG).

Mr. O’Leary served in a variety of high profile federal and state government managerial roles prior to his time at the MBTA. Mr. O’Leary served as Legal Counsel to U.S. Congressman Joseph Moakley, then dean of the Massachusetts’ delegation, where he steered numerous projects through the United States Congress, including Moakley's successful effort to secure over $700 million in federal monies for the city's Southwest Corridor Rail Project. As Deputy Cabinet Secretary and General Counsel for the Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation and Construction, Mr. O’Leary assisted the Secretary in oversight of the state’s various transportation and construction agencies. There, he helped to develop policy on private bus and rail services and provision of public transit in Boston and across the state.

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